Occupational Health and Safety Management

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) field is highly important to many industries, as it pertains to the security of all personnel and equipment on a company’s premises. With a Safety Management diploma or short course from Oxbridge Academy, you’ll have all of the training you need to run this division for a business or organisation.  Read our blog post for more on OHS.

Oxbridge Skills Courses

These Occupational Health and Safety courses are assessed and certified by Oxbridge Academy. They are short courses with the aim of teaching occupational skills.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
Safety Management
Security Management

Oxbridge Programmes
These programmes consist of 3 course levels which articulates from certificate to diploma. Each level consist of four subjects. The courses are assessed and certified by Oxbridge Academy and are not credit bearing. A minimum requirement is Grade 10, but some courses require a Matric. The period of study is 10 months per level, thus, a total of 30 months for the full diploma course. For more information download and read the Safety-Brochure.

OHS Management Certificate
OHS Management Certificate
OHS Management Diploma