Occupational Health and Safety Management

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) field is highly important to many industries, as it pertains to the security of all personnel and equipment on a company’s premises. With a Safety Management diploma or short course from Oxbridge Academy, you’ll have all of the training you need to run this division for a business or organisation.

Oxbridge Skills Courses

These Occupational Health and Safety courses are assessed and certified by Oxbridge Academy. They are short courses with the aim of teaching occupational skills.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

This SAIM endorsed health and safety management course covers a range of practical proficiencies, which will enable you to identify and contain risk factors in work environments. To further boost your understanding of OHS, the modules also cover SHE principles such as awareness and investigation.

Requirements: No Matric
Code: DIPOHS-08
Duration: 18 Months
- SHE Awareness
- SHE Representative
- SHE Investigation
- HIRA (Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment)
- Safety Audit Inspection

Safety Management

This safety management certificate is endorsed by SAIM, which means that you can be sure you’re learning valuable skills. Modules in this safety management course focus on SHE education, as well as hazard and risk assessment. These supply you with vital knowledge to bring into the workplace.

Requirements: No Matric
Code: CER4039-08
Duration: 12 Months
- Legal Principles
- Management Principles
- Safety Management 1
- Safety Management 2

Security Management

This security management certificate is endorsed by the South African Institute of Management. Modules in this course focus on effective human resource administration and provide you with a solid understanding of administrative principles. Additionally, you’ll be adding value to your company when you boost your skills in the sphere of security management.

Requirements: No Matric
Code: CER4040-08
Duration: 12 Months
- Legal Principles
- Human Resource Management 1
- Security Management 1
- Security Management 2

Aligned with subjects of National Certificate Vocational L2-L4
These courses consist of 4 subjects per level. They are assessed and certified by Oxbridge Academy. The courses are NQF aligned, but not credit-bearing. For more information download and read the Safety-Brochure.

OHS Management Certificate

This Oxbridge Academy safety management course contains modules that cover the underlying principles of good business practice. In addition to learning these basic elements, you’ll also develop your knowledge of OHS, enabling you to be of benefit in any working environment.

Requirements: No Matric
Code: OHS 100-08
Duration: 12 Months
- Fundamental Business Skills 101
- Management Practice 101
- Office Data Processing 101
- Safety Management 101

OHS Management Certificate

When you study for this safety management certificate at Oxbridge Academy, you’ll build on the basic principles that you’ve already learned about good office governance. The course modules explore OHS in greater depth, which allows you to develop further and add more value to your place of work.

Requirements: OHS 100-08
Code: OHS 200-08
Duration: 12 Months
- Fundamental Business Skills 201
- Management Practice 201
- Office Data Processing 201
- Safety Management 201

OHS Management Diploma

This is the third part of Oxbridge Academy’s L2-L4 aligned OHS diploma course. It’ll help you to boost your OHS management skills as you work through the final modules. These subjects will fine-tune your fundamental knowledge of safety considerations and business practices.

Requirements: OHS 200-08
Code: OHS300-08
Duration: 12 Months
- Fundamental Business Skills 301
- Office Data Processing 301
- Management Practice 301
- Safety Management 301