Accounting and Bookkeeping

With one of our top-quality accounting or bookkeeping courses under your belt, you’ll be able to go after a career in the industry with confidence. At Oxbridge Academy, we train you to be accurate when dealing with a company’s money and records. Our accounting courses also give you the necessary job skills to stay in control of all accounting elements.

Oxbridge Skills Courses

These courses are assessed and certified by Oxbridge Academy. They are short courses with the aim of teaching occupational skills.

Basic Accounting Skills

With this accounting certificate from Oxbridge Academy, you‘ll be qualified to work under the basics of finances in any business. Get the upper hand in this competitive industry by increasing your skills and knowledge.

Requirement: No Matric
Code: CER4011-03
Duration: 12 months
- Bookkeeping
- Accounting
- Introductory Entrepreneurship

Financial Management

This financial management diploma will help you to improve your skills for a career in accounts. Now you’ll be able to work with confidence and go after a promotion.

Requirement: No Matric
Code: DIP5015-03
Duration: 12 months
- Bookkeeping
- Accounting
- Financial Management 1
- Financial Management 2
- Introductory Computer Practice

Short Courses

Continue to develop in your career with these accounting short courses from Oxbridge Academy. You’ll not only be enhancing your worth to your company, but also your overall knowledge.

Cost And Management Accounting

Add to your financial knowledge with this short cost and management accounting course. You’ll learn how to collect, analyse and summarise the vital information needed for making important business decisions, as well as the allocation of resources.

Requirement: No Matric
Code: ACC401
Duration: 6 months

Payroll And Monthly SARS

Requirement: No Matric

Code: ACC402
Duration: 6 months

Aligned with subjects of National Certificate Vocational L2-L4
These courses consist of 4 subjects per level. They are assessed and certified by Oxbridge Academy. The courses are NQF aligned, but not credit-bearing. For more information download and read the Accounting-brochure.

Accounting Certificate

With this under your belt, you’ll have the necessary skills to improve your career. Learn how to take care of the books with this accounting course from Oxbridge Academy.

Requirement: No Matric
Code: ACC100-03
Duration: 12 months
- Fundamental Business Skills 101
- Financial Management 101
- Management Practice 101
- Accounting 101

Accounting Higher Certificate

Advance your existing skills with this accounting certificate from Oxbridge Academy. This course adds to your fundamental business skills and builds on the basic management practices you will have learnt in the first certificate.

Requirement: Accounting certificate L2
Code: ACC200-03
Duration: 12 months
- Fundamental Business Skills 201
- Management Practice 201
- Office Data Processing 101 & 201
- Accounting 201

Accounting Diploma

This accounting diploma is aimed at equipping you for a career in the financial management industry. It offers an in-depth education in the intricacies of the industry, as well as teaching administrative skills.

Requirement: Accounting Higher Certificate L3
Code: ACC300-03
Duration: 12 months
- Fundamental Business Skills 301
- Office Data Processing 301
- Management Practice 301
- Accounting 301

National Qualifications N4-N6

These courses are offered and assessed by Oxbridge Academy. After gaining a qualifying year mark,
admittance will be given to write the national examination at an approved FET college.  Diploma will be issued after proof of 18 months relevant practical experience. Read our N4-N6-Exam-letter for information on writing the exams.

Financial Management Introduction Certificate

A career in finance can be lucrative with the right skills and understanding in place to achieve it.

Requirement: No Matric
Code: N3015-03
Duration: 12 months
- Introductory Entrepreneurship N4
- Introductory Accounting N4
- Introductory Communication N4
- Introductory Personnel Management N4

Financial Management certificate (N4)

Are you ready for an exciting career in the global finance industry? This financial management course is made up of four modules and provides a holistic introduction to the fundamentals of this profession.

Requirement: Matric or introduction certificate
Code: N4015-03
Duration: 12 months
- Entrepreneur and Business Management N4
- Management Communication N4
- Computerised Financial Systems N4
- Financial Accounting N4

Financial Management certificate (N5)

Want to increase your knowledge and qualifications in order to improve your chances in the job market? This financial management certificate is part of a diploma that can help you do that.

Requirement: N4
Code: N5015-03
Duration: 12 months
- Entrepreneur and Business Management N5
- Financial Accounting N5
- Cost and Management Accounting N5
- Computerised Financial Systems N5

Financial Management certificate (N6)

Managing the accounts of others can suit strategic minds. Build your career by qualifying for the practicals to receive  a diploma with this financial management certificate and propel yourself into the industry with full force.

Requirement: N5
Code: N6015-03
Duration: 12 months
- Entrepreneur and Business Management N6
- Financial Accounting N6
- Cost and Management Accounting N6
- Computerised Financial Systems N6

International Qualifications – ICB

icbOxbridge Academy enables students to study internationally recognised bookkeeping courses offered by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) in South Africa.  These bookkeeping courses include formative and summative assessments conducted by the ICB.

Junior Bookkeeping (NQF3)
Requirement: No Matric
Code: ICB3001-03
Duration: 12 months
- Business Literacy
- Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
- Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns
- Computerised Bookkeeping
Senior Bookkeeping (NQF4)
Requirement: NQF 3
Code: ICB4001-03
Duration: 6 months
- Financial Statements
- Cost and Management Accounting

Technical Financial Accounting (NQF 5)

With this technical financial accounting course, you’ll learn the advanced skills specifically applicable to this field. You’ll also cover income tax returns, as well as business law and accounting control.

Requirement: NQF 4
Code: ICB5001-03
Duration: 6 months
- Income Tax Returns
- Business Law and Accounting Control

Financial Accounting (NQF6)

With this financial accounting diploma from Oxbridge Academy, you’ll have the necessary skills for a job in the fast-paced world of finance. The modules in this course cover corporate strategy, financial reporting and regulatory frameworks.

Requirement: NQF 5
Code: ICB6001-03
Duration: 12 months
- Corporate Strategy
- Management Accounting and Control Systems
- Financial Report and Regulatory Frameworks
- Accounting Theory and Practice

Certified Public Accounts Administrator (NQF4)
Requirement: Grade 11 or NQF3
Code: ICB4004-03
Duration: 12 months
Business Literacy
Computerised Bookkeeping
Public Accounting Administration
Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
Certified Technical Public Accountant (NQF5)
Requirement: ICB4004-03
Code: ICB5003-03
Duration: 12 monthss
Business Law and Accounting Control
Technical Public Accounting
Cost and Management Accounting
Financial Statements