Accounting and Bookkeeping

With one of our top-quality accounting or bookkeeping courses under your belt, you’ll be able to go after a career in the industry with confidence. At Oxbridge Academy, we train you to be accurate when dealing with a company’s money and records. Our accounting courses also give you the necessary job skills to stay in control of all accounting elements.

Oxbridge Skills Courses

These courses are assessed and certified by Oxbridge Academy. They are short courses with the aim of teaching occupational skills.

Basic Accounting Skills
Financial Management

Short Courses

Continue to develop in your career with these accounting short courses from Oxbridge Academy. You’ll not only be enhancing your worth to your company, but also your overall knowledge.

Cost And Management Accounting
Payroll And Monthly SARS

Oxbridge Programmes
These programmes consist of 3 course levels which articulates from certificate to diploma. Each level consist of four subjects. The courses are assessed and certified by Oxbridge Academy and are not credit bearing. A minimum requirement is Grade 10, but some courses require a Matric. The period of study is 10 months per level, thus, a total of 30 months for the full diploma course. For more information download and read the Accounting-brochure.

Accounting Certificate
Accounting Higher Certificate
Accounting Diploma

National Qualifications N4-N6

These courses are offered and assessed by Oxbridge Academy. After gaining a qualifying year mark,
admittance will be given to write the national examination at an approved FET college. Diploma will be issued after proof of 18 months relevant practical experience. Read our N4-N6-Exam-letter for information on writing the exams.

Financial Management Introduction Certificate
Financial Management certificate (N4)
Financial Management certificate (N5)
Financial Management certificate (N6)

International Qualifications – ICB

icbOxbridge Academy enables students to study internationally recognised bookkeeping courses offered by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) in South Africa. These bookkeeping courses include formative and summative assessments conducted by the ICB.

Junior Bookkeeping (NQF3)
Senior Bookkeeping (NQF4)
Technical Financial Accounting (NQF 5)
Financial Accounting (NQF6)
Certified Public Accounts Administrator (NQF4)
Certified Technical Public Accountant (NQF5)