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Distance Learning In South Africa

Oxbridge Academy is a respected private educational institution that teaches through distance learning in South Africa as well as abroad.

Focused on an “excellence driven” business model, the academy provides a high standard of education to students through modular study material, highly qualified tutors and a solid, well-established infrastructure.

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Oxbridge Academy was founded in 1997 and provides courses in a range of FET (Further Education and Training) subjects. The academy takes pride in its skilled and motivated employees, experienced and loyal management team and enviable track record.

The academy has a strong student base of people enrolling for a second or third time as well as first-time candidates. Most first-time students are introduced by current Oxbridgers.

Private distance learning in South Africa is very competitive, and is growing by the month, spurred on by the government’s commitment to skills development across the broader post-school spectrum.

Oxbridge Academy operates mainly throughout the Southern African region, with the administrative offices in Cape Town.

You are welcome to contact us to study from home in South Africa. Feel free to take a look at our home study courses.