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    Oxbridge Academy is a Home Study college and offers a wide range of accredited courses. These courses include the following National Qualifications: Engineering Studies from N1 - N3 in mechanical and electrical engineering AND Business Studies N4 – N6 in eight different fields of study.
  • Distance learning specialists
    At Oxbridge Academy, our philosophy is to teach until you pass. Along with our commitment to this ideal, we provide students with top-quality study material that’s ideal for distance learning. We also have highly skilled assessors who will help you get the most out of your course.


Home Study through Oxbridge Academy


Distance Learning In South Africa

Oxbridge Academy is a respected private educational college (FET), founded in 1997, that teaches through distance learning in South Africa, as well as abroad. The medium of distance education or home study has achieved worldwide recognition as an effective means of furthering your education. Private distance learning in South Africa is very competitive, and is growing by the month, spurred on by the government’s commitment to skills development across the broader post-school spectrum. Oxbridge Academy operates throughout the Southern African region, with the administrative offices in Stellenbosch. Oxbridge Academy

You may have a full-time job, live in a small town far from a college or university, are a working mom  or have a limited budget, but no matter what your circumstances, there are many reasons why home study is the best option. Our academy has a strong student base of people enrolling for a second or third time as well as first-time candidates. Many first-time students are introduced by current Oxbridge students. We offer a wide variety of short courses,  skills courses, as well as diploma qualifications, including N1-N6 and international diplomas.

Some of our Popular Courses include:
Health and Safety | HR | Engineering Studies | Bookkeeping | Travel and Tourism